December 18th, 2012

#FLITCHED Competition

Myself and Jonas registered for the #FLITCHED competition! We already have met some great people behind this competition and others interested at the #FLITCHED networking event hosted by BURO FOUR on Monday 10th December…

The site is at the Caravanserai Community in Canning Town, East London. It is a great location for both of us, as we had spent many years studying and living around there. Knowledge of the location gives us some sort of a boost to do our best in this competition. We ha

ve also met Ibrahim, a Caravanserai Community site manager, who has done his diploma at UEL at the time when myself and Jonas were going for a part 1 there. The very first project on the Caravanserai Site was also executed by students from UEL in 2011. The project is called ‘The Cube‘ and I remember someone sending me photographs of the palette structure while the construction progressed. Everything about this competition made good sense for us to register!

We have already had a some designing sessions with Jonas and wasted a lot of tracing paper..! 🙂

P.S.: Mine and my brother’s Tom’s favourite burger place is at Canning Town as well! 🙂 At Trinity Buoy Wharf to be exact. It is called a Fatboy’s Diner… the place looks so great that even Vogue had gone there to do a photoshoot. A proper American Style 40s Diner – seriously worth a visit.

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