#FLITCHED Competition – The Amphitheatre Workshop Garden

February 18th, 2013

The Amphitheatre Workshop Garden

#FLITCHED Up-Cycling Competition proposal ‘The Amphitheatre Workshop Garden’ submitted!

Me and Jonas Prismontas have taken part in a challenging #FLITCHED Up-Cycling Competition. The brief was to design a poetic and useful structure for the Caravanserai community site in Canning Town, East London by using only a limited number of materials from an inventory of construction waste.

Our aim was to create a place that would inspire its users and would try to engage with the community.

Workshop Garden

Our proposal called ‘The Amphitheatre Workshop Garden’ enables people to work in an inspiring theatrical environment, which is set below ground level in a green setting. The proposal blends two main activities together – artistic and horticultural. The green spaces wrap around the eminent open workshop, which benefits from a conveniently located vast material store and a sheltered working and making studio. The flexible workbench space can accommodate 16 people and is sheltered from wind, as it is set one meter below ground level and is also surrounded by creeper plants setting down from the upper level. The upper level deck introduces a ‘Protected Horticultural Area’ surrounding a ‘Social Space’, where plants rising high provide shading from direct sunlight and shelter from the wind. The roof above the ‘Meeting Space’ also collects rainwater, which can be used for making and growing activities. The proposal becomes even more exciting with ladders that can be used as shortcuts to get to various levels of the workshop!

We believe the qualities of the workshop garden would suggest inspiration and creativity, pleasure and social engagement for people of the Caravanserai Community.

 Please see a full photo gallery below.


  1. Tom says:

    Loved it! Good luck!

  2. Robert says:

    Keep up the good work

  3. Jonas says:

    This must be my favourite project this year ! 🙂

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