Santa Maria Nova Monastery Extension

June 17th, 2013

Santa Maria Nova Monastery Extension Chapel

My 1st year portfolio – MArch Architecture at Westminster University Design Studio 15.

The Olivetan Monks have inhabited the site of Temple of Venus and Roma since the XIV century, but are gradually losing their territory due to tourism and the historical significance of current monastery site. The New Extension aims to sustain the religious prominence of the site, combining the ritual routes of prayer, distillery and tourism, and assiduously embodying qualities of seclusive lifestyle and touristic disturbance.


  1. Jonas says:

    Great work, Ričardas! Drawings very nice quality, and project sounds very interesting, cant wait to see the exhibition!

  2. Ricardas says:

    Thank you Jonas. Let me know when you are planning to visit so I can show you around!

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