Kiln Experiment 1 – Sawdust Kiln

February 14th, 2014

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Experiment of firing clay in sawdust.

This experiment – research and explorations of clay firing techniques was done as part of my MArch Architecture second year architecture portfolio.

I did two firings of my clay pieces in sawdust, which are shown in two separate picture galleries at the bottom of this post. Each firing lasted around 15-20 hours. The second firing was reaching around 500-600 degrees celsius. I did not have a pyrometer during my first firing leaving me unsure of the correct temperature during that firing.

It was my first attempt to fire clay in a self made kiln. The experiment took place in Worthing, England at the beginning of January 2014.

The kiln was built from 80 firebricks inside a pit. The weather conditions were at my disadvantage, hence the covering from rain can be seen in some of the photos.

Some clay objects were sprayed with salt, some burnished with a spoon to achieve a glossy surface, some pieces were covered with orange peel, leaves and other combustibles, some were fired inside a flower pot filled with combustibles, some were just put in sawdust without any special application.

I believe the best result was achieved during the second firing. The piece which was inside a flower pot filled with combustibles (orange peel, tea and some leaves) achieved a yellowish carbonization in the place where it was covered with orange peel.

After the two firings the kiln was dismantled in order to use the fire bricks for a second experiment – making an electric kiln powered by electric fire elements, which will be described on a separate post.

Firing No. 1

Firing No. 2


  1. Jonas says:

    Atrodo buvo labai smagu uzsiimti keramika, krosnies statymu ir naudojimu ! Exciting stuff! Turbut sekantis ka deginsi bus section model 😉 ? gotta catchup soon

    • Ricardas says:

      Hey Johnny!
      Labai smagu, is tiesu .

      Sekantis dalykas ka planuoju deginti bus komponentai / dalys is kuriu galima sudeti visa dideli structure – dideli peciu, panasu i beehive kiln, tik ta darysiu mazesnej skalej. Taip pat manau bus labai nice padaryti detail modeli.

      Si savaitgali darysiu du bandymus, viena peciu deginant mediena, o kita propano dujomis. Ziuresim kas gausis!

      Butinai catch up soon.


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