Feature in Blueprint Magazine – Class of 2014

October 17th, 2014

Blueprint FeatureI was fortunate to have my work selected to feature in Blueprint Magazine’s Pick Of The Graduate Shows 2014! The ‘Monumental Pissoir’ was part of the ‘Ceramic Quarter in Marrakech’ project which I did at Design Studio 15 at Westminster University. The ceramic pissoir is composed of handmade interlocking ceramic components, the pictured model / sculpture is scale 1:5.

Eddie Blake, an architect and founding member of  Studio Weave, wrote about my work:

“Blazukas’ experiments with firing clay in a variety of his own self-built kilns are beautiful objects in their own right. His ceramics reflect such a deft touch, and an instinctive response to material.

The reason they are worth writing about is that they feed perfectly into a really well-developed design proposal for a ceramics complex in Marrakech. Blazukas obviously really grappled with the brief, and it dealt him a few heavy blows, but he followed it well and the results are beautiful. His drawings are only outshone by his ceramics.”

This article was also posted on Design Curial website, can be found by clicking here.

More about the ‘Monumental Pissoir’ that can be found in my Marrakech project portfolio here.

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