Rothko and the pyramid tiles..

November 18th, 2012

First Tile

I am not going to put my name on Rothko, but I will put a Rothko on my work… and so I did on my project drawings for Dalston Art & Dance Youth Centre in 2011…

And so i am doing this year suggesting that my spiky pyramid tiles would be a perfect surface for a Rothko exhibition… Dont think they would keep paintings safe from guys like Vladimir Umanets, but at least if Vlad stepped on my teracotta tile, he would have to pay for its damage too!

Both, the terracota tile and the black iron powder/plaster tile, have derived from a 2d geometry composition exercise.



  1. […] coursemate Mat Crawford is helping me to make 60+ of my pyramid tiles tiles to create an installation for the exhibition. It has proved to be very challenging, but looks […]

  2. […] thankful to my tutors and all coursemates for supporting the idea to make an installation with my pyramid tiles for the show. Thanks for Mat Crawford for helping me throughout the making […]

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