My new ‘baby’

November 21st, 2012

I always wanted to have a large format printer, but every time I really thought of getting one it felt like its a bollocks idea… But now as I got one, its perfect!

Epson Stylus Pro 3880 is a flawless quality printer, and is definitely a wise investment for an architecture student, which will pay off in a year or two.

The cheapest price I found for a high quality a2 print in central london is 9£ at HOBBS, which is much lower than the average, but still hits the wallet properly..
…And that time during a crit, when you are told to do more work on the drawings making you realize that you’ve wasted so much £££… ergh.
You just need your own printer!
And on top of that places like hobbs will not accept your own paper.
And to top that – owning a printer means printing for fellow coursemates for £££.

Happy times!

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