Yet another pyramid.

November 26th, 2012

In order to get ready for a crit I decided to make one last model of the geometry composition exercise. This time I was trying to escape from creating a model that would aesthetically reveal the way it was made.. Most models I’ve done so far were cast in moulds made of stacked up laser cut layers (to be uploaded soon). I have used laser cutting this time only to create a flat mould shape and to help me arrange the MDF sticks and their length (see photos). I mixed 20% Iron Powder, 75% Very Hard White Casting Plaster and 5% of ‘Burnt Umber’ Pigment with according amount of water.

I have always had a temptation to use leather in a model, and so I did this time! The idea was to cut out the holes in leather and put it inside a mould, so that after it was cast it would be impossible to take the leather off, as it would be held by the mdf spikes.

Once I have taken the model out of the mould I quickly showered it to wash off the dust of plaster.

The result was great, although I was more fascinated by the pictures of the negative that I have taken. I have selected two and given them a specific interpretation – ‘Sound Absorbing Ceiling’ and a ‘Hide and Seek Spatial Arrangement’!



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  1. Jonas says:

    very nice work, Ricardas! very artistic yet architectural, hope the tutors get it !

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