‘pyramid tiles’ – sculpture collection for sale

September 10th, 2014

Pink Tile - Black Frame - Sold

This is a collection of handmade minimalistic sculptural tiles with pyramids shifting out of the vanishing point creating a deceptive impression. The concept of the tiles is based on geometrical composition of squares, inspiration being Baroque architecture.

The ‘pink pyramid tile’ has recently been selected by Saatchi Art currator Bridget Carron to feature in a ‘Radical Geometry’ collection.

The sculptures are made of high quality plaster, coated in primer and acrylic paint. The frames are bespoke made to hold the sculptures.
The collection is limited to 60 sculptures.

The size of the sculpture itself is 39cm x 39cm x 4.5cm, whilst the framed size is 50cm x 50cm x 5cm.

These sculptures are available for sale. You can get in touch via contact form below if interested.

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