Ceramic Typography – here comes everybody

September 19th, 2014

0 Exhibition - 1This ceramic typography sign was a design I did for Design Studio 15 End of Year Exhibition at Westminster University in July 2014.

The typography of the sign as well as its aesthetic quality was designed using chance techniques. The letters are assembled out of small hand-pressed interconnecting clay components. Raku method of firing ceramics was used as a generator of chance in producing the unexpected aesthetic of glazes. The result of the experiment is typography with fascinating variety of colours and textures.

Thanks to Tim Waines and Piotr Garstecki for their huge contribution on this piece.


  1. Matt Witts says:

    hey ricardas.

    I was just talking to people in my studio about you as we have a graphic designer who uses the space. I just thought I’d check your website and I must say I’m bowled over with the quality of your work. Hope you are well.

    Kind regards


    • Ricardas says:

      Hi Matt!

      Good to hear from you!
      What did you mean by ‘the space’ ?

      Im very pleased to know that you enjoyed my work. I am trying to keep busy and do things in my own time, but right now most of my time is taken up by work. Kuwait’s great though. Hope all is well with you in London!



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